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Waihi Gold Story Tours


Uncover Waihi's quest for gold THROUGH THE GOLDEN COMBO.

Take a Waihi Gold Story Tour to get the inside story and get the inside story.
Waihi has been famous for its gold since 1878 and we have a compelling story to tell. You can experience our story, that spans three centuries, at the award-winning Gold Discovery Centre.

Our Golden Combo includes a Waihi Gold Mine Tour plus tickets to the Waihi Gold Experience. This is a comprehensive overview of our historic and modern gold mining eras. You'll be amazed by the hardships faced, and perseverance shown by the early miners and their families and astonished by the modern technology and the scale of gold mining in the 21st century.

Waihi Gold Experience


Try this ‘hands-on’ experience that guides you through Waihi’s fascinating gold story that started in 1878, and still continues today. Rattle the drill, crank the handles, push the plunger and become immersed in interactive activities at the Waihi Gold Experience.

Across the road from the iconic Cornish Pumphouse, the Gold Discovery Centre first welcomes visitors with its striking facade. This is something special...

Inside, you’ll find the Waihi Gold Experience which will immerse you in interactive activities. You’ll be pushing hard against an air-leg drill that will shake your bones, just like a real drill. You’ll lean on a plunger to trigger a simulated explosion down the gold mine, then for a change of pace you might try to beat the shady dealer at a game of Two-up.
You’ll marvel at the intricate detail in the dynamic models then push the buttons to see what happens next. Open windows into the past and learn what it was like to grow up in a gold town, then crank the handle to discover the power of horses, steam and electricity.

The ghost theatre is unlike any other. Set in colonial Waihi, actors are brought to life by 3D holograms in a story inspired by real local characters. You’ll get to know these townsfolk as they share their tales of love, war and social strife in early Waihi.

• Just how much gold was in that two-tonne rock?
• How much gold and silver has the mighty Martha Mine has produced?
• Why did many miners from yesteryear have no thumbs?
• How much gold is likely to be in each 100 tonne truck-load of rock?

Waihi Gold Mine Tours


Discover modern gold mining up close and on a grand scale. Learn how today’s miners get the gold out of the rock and into gold bars.

Although mining operations are ordinarily off-limits to the public, Waihi Gold Mine Tours can take you inside the fence to experience modern-day gold mining up close.

You’ll be fitted out with safety gear as you board our comfortable van, given a safety briefing then taken inside the security fence to view the mine operations from the best available vantage points. You’ll be shown every stage of the process from ore extraction and crushing, through to final processing. There is plenty of massive mining equipment on show too.

We’ll relate colourful stories from the mine’s past and answer any questions you may have about the modern operation.

• Why did many miners from yesteryear had no thumbs?
• How much gold is likely to be in each 100 tonne truck load of rock?
• How has gold mining shaped Waihi’s economic and social landscape?


NOTE: Route may vary depending on access availability.